I Want to Look Like a K-pop Star!

Hello, I’m Linda.

I currently live in Korea to be a model. When i first came to Korea, my makeup and fashion were influenced by Korean people.

I had big concerns on uneven eyes, big nose and square jaw that made me look less feminine. So i followed how Korean people do makeup for bigger eyes, slimmer nose and face ?

But sometimes i didn’t think makeup was enough for me to look as pretty as i wanted. And I even wished to be pretty even without makeup. Korean people aim at very natural results that nobody notice that they had any surgery which was what i wanted ?

JW doctors were already famous for natural results in Korean society and i realized this was actually true after i saw the change of my face!

I contacted a Vietnamese consultant in JW Plastic surgery clinic Korea since i’m Vietnamese. I met three different Korean doctors for each part which is Eyes, nose and jaw. I took C/T scan in JW to check my jaw shape precisely and get more accurate advice from the doctor!

This picture is before eye, nose and jaw surgery.

You can see my eyes were uneven! And the different double eyelid shapes always bothered me when i put makeup on my eyes.

I actually had my first nose surgery in Vietnam with a silicone implant but my nose tip was still big and alar rims were flared and wide.

I had double eyelid (partial incision) surgery to make my eyelids more even with Ptosis correction which made my eyes open brighter and evenly.

I changed the old silicone to a lower one to suit on my face and had bulbous tip correction with alar base reduction for smaller and feminine nose.

And I had a jaw surgery called Mandibular Angle reduction to make face line slimmer ?

I don’t think i look like someone who had a lot of surgeries!

My eyes got much bigger by ptosis correction double eyelid surgery and my nose looks much slimmer and feminine! The big change is that my jaw line got slimmer naturally !

If you want a natural change like mine, contact JW consultant to have a consultation online first!