Dr. Suh published his 5th book titled ‘Atlas of Asian Rhinoplasty’

World-renowned and Top Korean rhinoplasty surgeon, Man Koon Suh published his 5th book titled ‘Atlas of Asian Rhinoplasty’. This book is written in English and published by Springer which is one of the top medical and science publishers in the world.

‘Atlas of Asian Rhinoplasty’

Dr. Suh, is a top rhinoplasty surgeon, has already published four other medical books about rhinoplasty. However, ‘Atlas of Asian Rhinoplasty’ contains all of Dr. Suh’s essential ‘know-how’ about Asian rhinoplasty based on his 18 years of clinical experience. Dr. Suh continuously has high patient satisfaction in terms of aesthetic and functionality and within’ this book you can learn all the skills and techniques that help Dr. Suh accomplish all these beautiful results.

‘Atlas of Asian Rhinoplasty’ consist of 17 chapters that introduces a diverse amount of surgical methods for the Asian nose and cutting-edge information about rhinoplasty. This book uses his know-how from 18 years of clinical experience at JW Plastic Surgery Korea ( the best rhinoplasty clinic in Seoul). It also contains approximately 2,500 high-quality illustrations and surgery pictures, which can help all surgeons who perform rhinoplasty for Asian patients to achieve excellent and natural rhinoplasty and functional outcomes.

‘Atlas of Asian Rhinoplasty’ clearly explained the difference in nasal anatomy and aesthetic goals between Asian and Western individuals, as well as how to treat complications or possible complications.

‘Atlas of Asian rhinoplasty’ will give you direction of all surgical methods to natural Korean rhinoplasty: dorsal augmentation using implants and autogenous tissue, tip plasty, tip reduction surgery, short nose correction, humpectomy, correction of alar-columellar disproportion, nostril and alar base reduction, and deviated nose correction.

Table of contents:

  • Surgical Anatomy and Physiology of the Nose
  • Preoperative Evaluation for Rhinoplasty
  • Incision, Approach, and Perioperative Medications and instructions
  • Harvest of Autogenous Tissues (ear, septal, rib cartilage, facia, fat from buttock..)
  • Alloplastic Implants and Allograft Materials in Asian Rhinoplasty (Alloderm, Megaderm)
  • Dorsal Augmentation Using the Implants (bridge heightening by using implant)
  • Dorsal Augmentation Using Autogenous Tissue (bridge heightening by using ear, septal, rib cartilage, or fat from buttock..)
  • Mid-Vault Surgery: Hump Reduction and Osteotomy (making the nose smoother)
  • Nasal Tip Plasty: Suture Techniques and Cartilage Grafts
  • Optimal Tip Projection in Asian Noses
  • Tip-Reduction Surgery: Bulbous Tip Correction and Long-Nose Correction (arrow-like nose)
  • Short-Nose Correction (upturned, piggy nose)
  • Correction of Alar-Columellar Disproportion
  • Correction of Nostril and Alar Base (alar contour graft, alar base reduction: weir excision)
  • Deviated Nose Correction and Functional Rhinoplasty
  • Secondary Rhinoplasty (revision rhinoplasty)
  • Complications of the Rhinoplasty (skin thinning, contracture, dissatisfaction in shape, functional problem..)

If you are looking for a long-lasting and natural Korean rhinoplasty, we highly recommend that you have a consultation with Dr. Suh, at JW Plastic Surgery Korea, who is the top rhinoplasty surgeon in Korea

Top Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Korea – Man Koon Suh

Dr. Suh is renowned as a top rhinoplasty doctor in Korea and abroad because of his exceptional skills and techniques with Korean natural rhinoplasty and safe result. Many doctors from around the world have been visiting JW Plastic Surgery Korea(the best rhinoplasty clinic in Seoul) to learn from Dr. Suh first hand. Dr. Suh fully understands how to achieve the most attractive and ideal nose, that is harmonious with the individuals face. Throughout his experience with primary surgeries, revision surgeries, with Asian, Eurasian, and Caucasian patients, there isn’t a situation or question refarding rhinoplasty that Dr. Suh isn’t able to answer or solve. He will always provide the best way to creat the ideal nose for you to make your life a little bit more wonderful.

By publishing Atlas of Asian Rhinoplasty, Dr. Suh has became the first practicing surgeon to publish a medical book in Korea with Springer. We expect that Atlas of Asian Rhinoplasty will become a standard medical book all over the world especially in China, Singapore, Thailand, and and in many other Asian countries where his previous books on rhinoplasty were highly successful and popularized among medical professionals.

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